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  • Our University

    Since its foundation on 29th September, 2000, the Universidad del Caribe has grown steadily in its infrastructure and the quality of the services it offers.

    In December,2011, our university was awarded the “Recognition for Academic Excellence Award” for having 100 per cent of the students enrolled in good quality programs for the fifth consecutive year.

    Today, the Universidad del Caribe has four modern and spacious buildings, equipped with engineering laboratories, kitchens, a business incubator, a language center, an auditorium and the Antonio Enríquez Savignac library. The fifth building is under construction and there are five sports pitches which benefit the university and the local community.

    To provide an integral formation, our educative model is aimed to develop skills and values in each student which contribute to his/her professionalization, with social responsibility and harmony in their emotional life. To this end, in each study program subjects designed by the Human Development Department are included ; while the Student Development Department offers a full range of artistic and sports activities, and all students learn at least one second language, English.


Internationalization has made its impact on universities in Mexico and affects transversally all the areas of higher education, and the Universidad del Caribe is no exception.

The International Department was created to promote the development and implementation of policies and plans to bring international and intercultural dimensions into all areas of the university.

This department has been created for the purpose of managing activities and projects with universities at the international level, as well as with international organizations which promote institutional internationalization; and we encourage mobility among the academic community, thereby to offer education of quality, based on subjects which include international elements.

We welcome to our page, all students, teachers and researchers, together with the community of the Unicaribe, and members of universities in other countries.


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